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Find out about support services available to Carers.
A message for Carers in Warwickshire

Across the UK, there are millions of people who provide unpaid care for someone else. It may be someone older - a neighbour or a relative, or someone with a disability or illness. Caring is a part of being human and can be very rewarding. But we know it can also be emotionally and physically draining - particularly if the person providing the care has other family or work commitments. 

However, there is help available. Warwickshire County Council has a range of services to help support Carers. It is vital to look after your own health and wellbeing - for your own sake, and so that you can continue to look after anyone who relies on you.

What support services are available?

If you provide regular unpaid emotional or physical support to a friend, neighbour, or family member - there are support services available to help you. We have listed some of these below. 

The Care Act 2014 Sets out the rights for Carers in England to receive services.

Your Rights at Work when Caring your rights under the Equality Act 2010 when caring

If you are providing care for a friend or relative, you are entitled to have a Carers Assessment. This could provide you with support plans and emotional one-to-one support.  

Register as an unpaid carer with your GP - Here are some helpful letter templates to help you register with your GP – please click on the relevant link to download the one you require.

Financial Support – Carers UK can help you understand any financial benefits you may be entitled to. 

The Wellbeing service offers carers a safe environment to offload and seek expert advice, with an opportunity to join many community groups and hubs throughout Coventry and Warwickshire.

Read our report: Carers' Experience of Hospital Discharge 

Have you heard of the Herbert Protocol?

People with dementia sometimes get lost or go missing. If you care for someone with dementia you can fill in a form containing information to give to the police if the person goes missing.

This means you don’t have to remember the information when you are under stress if someone does go missing. And it saves time, so the police can start the search sooner. You can fill in the form on your computer or print it out and fill it in by hand. You only need to give the form to the police if the person goes missing.

Fill in the Herbert Protocol form

Triangle of Care is a service that brings together carers, service users and professionals.

Warwickshire Young Carers help improve the lives of Young Carers across Warwickshire by offering free and confidential support.

There is a range of Dementia Support services available across Warwickshire that are available to support you if you are living with dementia or caring for a person with dementia.

Carers Voice Coventry and Warwickshire is a user-led forum providing the independent voice of carers. Its vision is to ensure that unpaid carers are valued, recognised, and supported; with equal access to a good quality of life that is not prejudiced by your caring role.

This leaflet offers advice and information about the services available to support you: Helping you to manage your wellbeing.

For more information, please visit WCC Support for Carers.

Citizens Advice South Warwickshire (covering Warwick and Stratford Districts) are here to help - benefits (establishing entitlement, completing forms and managing claims inc appeals etc), access to care & support organisations, financial capability, applications for charitable grants etc, and any other issues carers and those they care for may have. There is some limited capacity to do home visits where required. 

Help at Hand - volunteer service to support people who are caring for someone in Warwickshire. One to one emotional support available to Carers 

Help Shape Local Services

An opportunity to use your experiences of caring for a family member, friend or neighbour. Warwickshire County Council are looking for informal carers to participate.

Download the flyer for more information.

Register your interest using the QR code on the flyer, or by following the weblink below. 

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Flyer 'Help shape services for informal carers in Warwickshire.'

We have been reaching out to Warwickshire's carers, seeking to understand the impact that caring has had on them. 

Read the Report

If you would like to tell us about your experience of caring for someone, or how support services could work better for you, please get in touch:

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More Information

This leaflet contains lots of information to help you to manage your wellbeing if you provide care for someone.

Carers Support Information Leaflet

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