NHS 111 Survey Findings

We recently asked people about their experience of NHS 111. Here is what they told us.
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During September and October 2021, Healthwatch Warwickshire conducted a short survey asking people if they had used NHS 111 in the last 18 months, and if so, to tell us about their experience.

What did we find?

We heard from 101 people - of which 62 were from South Warwickshire, 20 from Rugby, and 16 from North Warwickshire.

Please note that not every question was answered by every respondent.

Positive comments

49% of feedback received was positive - with comments related to GPs, A&E, Dentists and others.

The most common positive comments (9) were about appropriate care being received: 

‘Fantastic. Had unbearable pain in legs. Got diagnosis of sciatica then referred to doctor for medication within 2 hours.

I was told to go immediately to A+E. I was taken to Warwick Hospital who referred me on to the Walsgrave Eye Casualty.

...and 8 were about an ambulance being sent:

‘111 called an ambulance which arrived expeditiously. The paramedics carried out exhaustive tests.’

‘I was consoled, it was not worse. Ambulance called.’

‘It was useful, paramedics were sent out to me.’

Negative comments

42% of feedback received was negative - half of which concerned A&E, 31% regarding GPs and a small amount were about dental care or other things.

The most common negative theme (23 comments) were about long call response times:

‘Totally useless: I tried three times and waited on hold so long each time I just gave up in the end.’

Pointless. Gave up in the end waiting and called 999 and waited 17 hours for an ambulance.

‘Not useful waited in a queue 20 mins and still not spoken to anyone. So went to A&E.’

‘Unable to speak to a person. Recorded message continued for so long. Gave up and phoned 999.’

What next?

In the new year Healthwatch Warwickshire will be looking at peoples’ experience of using Emergency Departments - which includes Accident & Emergency (A&E) and Urgent Treatment Centres.

Thank you to all who sent us their feedback!

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