Volunteers Week Jun 1st - 7th

Thank you to all of our volunteers for being part of the Healthwatch Warwickshire Team.
thank you mug for volunteers

Healthwatch Warwickshire’s volunteers have adapted to the pandemic and continued to support the work that we do.

They have been instrumental in planning how we can stay in  touch with care homes, when we could not carry out face to face visits, and collectively have contacted over 45 care homes and had conversations with the Managers. You can read about this project here.

Our volunteers have also been ringing Dental practices across the county to get a picture of whether practices are taking on NHS patients in each district. This is feeding into Healthwatch England’s national reports and campaigns.

As a Healthwatch volunteer, I’ve been hugely impressed how the office team, particularly Robyn, have adapted our work to gain the views of those using and delivering Health and Care services. Whilst I’ve had a few wobbles this last year myself, (like many), it’s been great to be able to make a small contribution to keeping lines of communication open and helping to share stories about successes and challenges in our work and ensuring those key findings and learning is shared and gets to the places it needs to.

Interested in volunteering?

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