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A summary of information on the changes to local NHS hospital services due to Covid-19 can be found here.

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As of 15/06/20, Face coverings are mandatory for all hospital visitors and those attending outpatients appointments. Hospitals will be able to provide a face covering in emergencies. Please see advice regarding wearing cloth face coverings (GOV.UK) in certain situations.


All of the hospitals in Warwickshire, and University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire (formerly known as Walsgrave Hospital) have suspended visitation with some exceptions, primarily on compassionate grounds. Here are some further details on visitation, for more information you can also check each hospitals websites (linked below).

South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT) hospitals – Warwick Hospital, Leamington Spa Hospital, Ellen Badger Hospital and Stratford upon Avon Hospital, these are the exceptions to the visiting suspension:

  • Compassionate grounds on inpatient areas (except high risk areas including ITU and where patients are receiving CPAP high flow oxygen to treat Covid-19. This currently includes Thomas, Oken and Mary ward)
  • Parents of children on McGregor Ward (Children’s ward)
  • Women who have a birthing partner.

It is recognised that saying goodbye is important to relatives and therefore for patients on high risk areas where visits are not possible staff will be able to arrange a call/video call.

See also: Bereavement service.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire and St Cross Rugby visiting restrictions;  Maternity arrangments

George Eliot Hospital visiting restrictions;  Maternity visiting times at George Eliot

Messages for Patients 

All hospitals in Warwickshire now have some version of a ‘messages for patients’ service in place so that you can contact your loved ones in hospital during the the pandemic:

South Warwickshire Foundation Trust: please email,  providing details of the patient including DOB, full name, hospital and ward. You are able to send messages and upload photos which they will print and deliver to your friends and loved ones. Deliveries will be made once every 24 hours.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire: email , more information here.

George Elliot NHS trust hospitals: email , more information here.

Service Information

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust

UHCW NHS Trust includes:

  • University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire (formerly known as Walsgrave Hospital)
  • Rugby St Cross Hospital

Bereavement support services.

View more updated service information at UHCW here

South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT)

SWFT includes:

  • Warwick Hospital
  • Leamington Spa Hospital
  • Stratford Hospital
  • Ellen Badger Hospital
  • Services across Warwickshire

Video Consultations at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

View updated service information here before attending appointments.

Updated maternity advice from South Warwickshire Foundation Trust.

George Eliot Hospital (GEH) NHS trust

GEH NHS Trust includes:

  • George Eliot Hospital
  • Community Services in Warwickshire, including sexual health services.

As visiting patients has been restricted, you can send a message to loved ones in hospital, by email, phone call or text message.

Sexual Health Walk-in clinics are no longer being provided; appointments are only available after a telephone assessment. Find more information about the Sexual Health service provision across Warwickshire here.

View more updated service information here; and advice for patients.

Advice for Parents

Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust (CWPT)

In Warwickshire, CWPT provides a wide range of mental health and learning disability services for people of all ages. You can find more information about NHS mental health services in Warwickshire in the Mental Health section. Here are some extracts of a statement released on 02/04/20:

“…we have reduced activity in a number of non-essential services at this time to focus our efforts on more critical services and we have put in place our plans to redeploy staff who are in non-critical roles to support critical/priority areas where required. You can find information about the impact on services on our website.

  • Appointments – Where possible, we have changed appointments to telephone and video appointments; patients will be contacted if their appointment has changed in this way.
  • Visitors – We have reduced visiting to our wards and are encouraging patients and their families to keep in touch using phones and iPads.”

Facebook links for NHS trusts and hospital

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