How has Covid-19 affected the health and wellbeing of people in Coventry and Warwickshire?

1,117 people told us about their experiences of health and care at the height of the pandemic. Read our report on how Covid-19 has affected people in Coventry and Warwickshire.

This report provides a summary of findings from a survey we ran from May-July 2020 and is informed by 1,117 people’s experiences of services during the pandemic across Warwickshire and Coventry. As agreed by both Healthwatches - Healthwatch Warwickshire led on this project, working alongside Healthwatch Coventry to roll out the survey asking the following key questions:

  • How local people accessed information to keep them safe during the pandemic and if the information needed to keep them safe given in a way they understood?
  • What changes had been made to NHS, adult social care services, or support needed or received to keep them well during the pandemic? 
  • How the pandemic had impacted peoples’ mental health and wellbeing? What services had been affected? And its impact on the person receiving support.

From the information that we have gathered, there are lessons that could be learned in several areas, including: Maternity, Dentistry, Pain Management, Medications, Mental Health, and about how changes are communicated. More detail is provided within this report and is also available upon request.

Take a look at what we found:

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