Learning Disability Annual Health Checks

Learn more about Annual Health Checks for people with Learning Disabilities.
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Anyone over 14 with a learning disability (LD) is entitled to an annual health check.

WEBINAR available to all:

Who is eligible for a health check – what is a learning disability? 

  • Learning disability population  
  • Differences between Mild, moderate, severe and profound learning disability 
  • Common health needs in the LD population 
  • Why we do learning disability health checks – relevant legislation, white papers, reports and campaigns  
  • Health inequalities for people with learning disabilities 
  • Barriers to healthcare 
  • Local uptake and data  
  • What is a learning disabilities annual health check and what to expect during the appointment 
  • How to support someone to prepare for a health check  
  • Reasonable adjustments  
  • Example of the national template that we advocate GP’s utilise  
  • Health action plan and hospital passport  
  • What you can do to support someone following their health check  

Resources and local LD services and support  

Venue: On Line Zoom 

Date18th May 2021 - 10am till 12.00 

If you would like to book a place, please email: Erin York - erinyork@warwickshire.gov.uk 

Please send the following information: 
Name of worker (as it should appear on certificate) 

Job Role 

Email Address (to send Zoom invite) 

Annual Health Check
In 2019 only 39 percent of people with learning disabilities had their Annual Health Check in Coventry and Warwickshire.

More information on Annual Health Checks, including an easy-read leaflet, is available here: 

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