Healthy Ageing

Warwickshire County Council, along with its NHS and CCG colleagues, has launched a new microsite that aims to provide advice about health, wellbeing and exercise to residents aged 65 plus.
lady with a walking stick

Are you aged 65+ and looking for advice on health, wellbeing and exercise?

The Healthy Ageing microsite is packed full of information, advice and even core strengthening exercises, to help residents remain active and alert during the current pandemic.

Due to Covid-19, more residents are staying inside their homes and not venturing out as they would have done before. This decline in activity risks older residents, aged 65 plus who are prone to falls and trips, being admitted to hospital.

It is hoped that the Healthy Ageing website will act as a preventive measure, helping those residents who may be beginning to feel unsteady on their feet or are concerned about falling to take action to reduce their risk of falling and avoid a long stay in hospital.

The Healthy Ageing website is a necessary and useful tool for anyone aged 65 or over. Warwickshire already has a high number of patients who are admitted to hospital due to a trip or fall. The gentle exercises offered by the website will help strengthen core uscles and when combined with lifestyle advice, will ensure residents stay active and healthy for as long as possible.”
— Les Caborn, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health

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