Health and Social Care Forum June 2022: Opportunities for the Voluntary and Community Sector within the new ICS

The Health and Care Act has received Royal Ascent and the launch date for the new Integrated Care System is July 1 2022.
Word cloud of results from our poll

Our Health and Social Care Forum gave the Voluntary and Community Sector in Warwickshire an opportunity to meet with Danielle Oum, Chair Designate of the Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care System.

We welcomed 60 colleagues from across Warwickshire and at the start of the session we asked everyone to tell us how they were feeling about the Integrated Care System (see poll results in image above).

We discussed the background to, and purpose of, the Integrated Care System (ICS).

Attendees were keen to discuss what opportunities there will be under the ICS for Voluntary and Community Sector organisations to play a significant role.

We focussed on what patients, the public, and the voluntary and community sector need from the ICS.


Watch the recording of our Health and Social Care Forum


There actually needs to be a relationship with partners of equals, it needs to be a relationship where the knowledge and the expertise in the voluntary and community sector is valued, we will not be able to reach communities, we will not be able to understand their needs, will not be able to shape the delivery of services in ways that genuinely engage and we will not have the flexibility and fleetness of approach, if we don't work as equals.
— Danielle Oum, Chair Designate, Coventry and Warwickshire ICS
We hope this will be the start of a conversation, and that it will be a continuous dialogue with Danielle.
— Chris Bain, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Warwickshire

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