111 First - A new way of accessing urgent and emergency medical care.

To help hospitals cope with winter pressures and also keep patients and staff safe whilst Covid-19 remains in circulation, there is a new way of accessing urgent and emergency care in Warwickshire.
An ambulance outside a hospital

How does it work?

If you have an urgent, but not serious or life-threatening, medical need: rather than attending a hospital Emergency Department (A&E) unannounced, you are now being advised to contact NHS 111 first.

You will be given a time slot at your nearest hospital Emergency Department or, if it is more appropriate to your need, you will be redirected to a range of other services such as ambulatory care, your local GP, dentist, urgent treatment centre, or pharmacy. This will apply both to Coventry & Warwickshire residents as well as anyone visiting the area.

These pre-booked time slots will help manage the volume of people in Emergency Department waiting rooms and minimise Covid-19 infection risks.

People arriving at Emergency Departments without an allocated time slot may experience a longer wait, unless they need immediate treatment.

Why the change?

The new NHS 111 system is designed to:

• Reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission

• Protect Emergency Departments for those who need urgent care

• Signpost and support the public so they receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

What if it’s serious or life-threatening?

  • The 999 service is not changing.
  • People with serious or life-threatening illnesses or injuries are advised to continue to dial 999 as before.

No-one attending Emergency Departments unannounced will be turned away without some form of treatment, advice or redirection to an alternative NHS service.

To access NHS 111: 

dial 111 from any phone, or

go to the NHS 111 website

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