Making health and social care services work better, for everyone


Ensuring your voice is heard when it comes to your local services.

How do we do this?

In order to make sure the work we do really does improve local health and social care services such as home care, supported living and care homes, we need to involve all those who use these services, and those who design and deliver them.

We put the views of local people first and foremost. We then share these with those who actually make the improvements necessary to ensure that your needs are met.

We find out what you think

To make sure we have a full understanding of the views of everyone who uses local services, we speak to you directly, as often as possible, in a number of ways:

  • We request your feedback online (anonymously if you prefer)
  • We chat to you (again, anonymously as you prefer) on the phone
  • We visit you in the local community so you can talk to us in person
  • We ask for your views when we make ‘Enter and view’ visits to local providers
  • We invite you to attend our events, to share your views and experiences with us in person.


We share what we’ve learned

All of your feedback is collated anonymously in a range of reports, so that we can share it publicly. We also pass our findings on to those who are in a position to make positive changes to the way local services are run.

You can read and download our recent research and reports, all of which include information about who they have been shared with and what the next steps are, over on our Reports page.

We use our influence

Set up by the Government as a local independent consumer champion, Healthwatch Warwickshire is part of a national network that reports into Healthwatch England and informs Government Policy.

We represent your collective voice at the highest levels, ensuring that your views and experiences are shared in a way that can influence changes to the health and social care system both locally and nationally.

We help you with your local services

As well as acting as your local voice about health and social care services, we also provide information and signposting to local services and support.

If you need to find a service, make a complaint or access support services, you can get help online here or by contacting us.

Healthwatch Warwickshire does not offer an advocacy service, we won’t be able to resolve any problems for you, but we will put you in touch with people who can.

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