Making health and social care services work better, for everyone

Everything we say and do is informed by local people.

As your independent ‘consumer association’ for local health and social care services, we are here to ensure that you have a voice in the design and delivery of these services. Our role is to ensure that local service providers and decision makers always put your experiences at the heart of your care.

We believe that by asking you to share your experiences we can identify issues that, if addressed, will help us to make improvements that will benefit everyone.

“We promise to be an accessible, trusted, independent source of advice – listening, and responding effectively, to express your voice on local health and social care issues.”

By listening to what you have to say and sharing your feedback with local service providers, we can all work together to make sure that Warwickshire’s health and social care services work better, for everyone.

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Launch of 2019 Mental Health Directory of support services

The South Warwickshire Mental Health Partnership, made up of professionals from the third and public sectors (including Healthwatch Warwickshire), aims to improve awareness of mental health support services in South Warwickshire. Each year the Partnership holds an annual event to bring organisations together to collaborate better around mental health.  This year the event was on […]

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Here’s what you told us about the NHS Long Term Plan

Take a look at our page summary of the work we did talking to residents of Coventry and Warwickshire about the NHS long term plan and what changes you would like to see locally. Where can I find more information? Click here to find out more, and click here for the full report What can […]

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Understanding your Equality Needs

EQuIP is launching its Equality Needs Survey 2019, and needs your help to shape and influence services and to ensure that service providers continue to provide services that are accessible by all. Your feedback will help to do this. Please support EQuIP by following the link below and completing their survey. If you prefer a […]

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