Healthwatch Warwickshire is the independent consumer champion, created to gather and represent the views of the Warwickshire public on health and social care issues.

Our Mission

  • to be the “consumer association” for those who use health and social care services in Warwickshire
  • to enable those who are seldom heard to have a real say and an effective voice in the decisions that affect them
  • to be a critical friend to those who provide health and social care service in Warwickshire

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)

Warwickshire STP Document was published at 9am on 6th December. You can download a copy from HERE

Visit our online form to give your opinion or ask a question about the STP

Publication of the document does not imply our support for the STP, we are merely ensuring that the public are informed.

Press release


Patients concerned by the knock-on effects of planned cuts to hospital services across Warwickshire and the knock-on effects on resources in Coventry are being urged to voice their views now.

The call comes from Chris Bain, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Warwickshire, the patient advocate group which works closely with health and social care commissioners, decision makers, providers and users alike to ensure the patient voice is heard and requirements are met.

Mr Bain spoke out after a leaked document revealed cuts across Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, with a range of services across Warwickshire being transferred to Coventry, placing more strain on resources at University Hospital.

In Nuneaton the document – the Sustainability and Transformation Plan – outlined plans for closing the accident and emergency department at the George Eliot Hospital as well as relocating its maternity, stroke and children’s services to University Hospital in Coventry.

Meanwhile in Warwick stroke care will also be relocated to Coventry.

The document also outlined tighter restrictions for overweight people and smokers in need of non-emergency surgery, increasing target times for hip replacements, reviewing cancer care and increasing the number of home births.

Some of the changes could be in effect from as early as July next year as health bosses in the region aim to reduce a £267 million funding deficit by 2020.

Mr Bain said: “The public should have been consulted on these decisions long ago. But before the changes are brought in it is a legal requirement that there should be a public consultation meeting in every district affected by the plans.

“This will be the chance for the public to have its say. I would urge everyone with concerns over these cuts to attend these meetings. It is vital that they make their feelings known at this stage.

“They will have the chance to speak why this is a concern to them and how they personally will be affected by this.

“If people do not take advantage of these meetings they will lose their one and only chance to have their say.”

Mr Bain said Healthwatch Warwickshire will also attend all the meetings and is able to speak on behalf of patients who are not able to attend themselves.

He said: “Anyone with concerns over this can contact us with their experiences or fears and we will ensure we make their views known.”

To contact Healthwatch Warwickshire email info@healthwatchwarwickshire.co.uk or call 01926 422823. Tell us what you think here