Good Engagement Charter

Why a ‘Good Engagement Charter?

Healthwatch Coventry and Healthwatch Warwickshire have reflected on the kinds of tools and structures that would help to ensure that the voices of people in Coventry and Warwickshire will be heard and will influence the improvement of health and social care services. Drawing on their experience from Local Involvement Networks (LINks), they decided to work together to investigate what local people expect from consultation and engagement activities and what would encourage them to get involved.

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Healthwatch Coventry and Healthwatch Warwickshire were interested to find out what local people think is meant by the term ‘engagement’. The Merida team found, when encouraging members of the public to take part in this consultation, that ‘engagement’ is not an easily understood term for most people. We talked about ‘giving your views’ or ‘getting involved’ to help people understand what the survey was about. For young people, from both the groups we visited and on some survey returns, the term relates purely to being asked to get married as they had not come across it in any other context.

Download a full copy of the consultants Good_Engagement_Charter_Report

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