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Find out about the latest update from the young people's Mental Health service - Kooth.
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What is Kooth?

Kooth is a free, anonymous online wellbeing service for children and young people, offering a range of services such as one-to-one counselling sessions, online discussion boards with peers, self-help content, journals and goal trackers. There is also an online magazine with a mix of articles about mental health issues and general subjects of interest to children and young people. 

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Upcoming events

In January, Kooth is hosting the following events:

  • 5th January - Discussion Board: Back to the Swing of Things
  • 7th January, 7:30-9pm - Live Forum: Goal Setting 
  • 10th January, 7:30-9pm - Live Forum: Houseplant Week- Growth through Growing
  • 14th January - Discussion Board: World Religion Day- Friends from Different Faiths
  • 14th January - Podcast: What to do when things feel a little unsafe.
  • 19th January, 7:30-9pm - Live Forum: Celebrating our Civil Right
  • 20th January - Discussion Board: Have a Hug on Us!
  • 24th January, 7:30-9pm - Live Forum: Brew Monday- Tips for Feeling Down


If you work with young people & families and would like to know more - take a look at the resource list here.

Resource list for Kooth Services

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