MENtalk and WOMENtalk - a new mental health support service in Warwick

Find out more about this community sports charity which has just started new support groups at venues across Coventry and Warwickshire.
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MENtalk was developed by Sky Blues in the Community (SBitC), the charity linked to Coventry City Football Club with the aim of supporting men across Coventry and Warwickshire with their emotional health and well-being. The project has recently expanded with the addition of WOMENtalk, setting up groups for women too. 

Each session is led by the Mental Health Co-ordinator with support from SBitC’s professional sports coaches, with the opportunity for attendees to choose activities and discussion topics.

Workshop content varies but can include group sports, team games, gardening, yoga, creative activities, one-to-one support, and classroom-based sessions in a fun, welcoming, non-clinical environment. The project is open to everyone, not just those with an interest in football or sport.

Workshops relate to subjects such as:

  • anxiety and stress management
  • feeling low
  • self-compassion
  • mindfulness
  • sleeping well
  • healthy eating
  • substance misuse
  • stopping smoking 

How do I join a group?

To join up, or find out more information, please contact Robbie Chandler, MENTalk's Mental Health Co-ordinator:

07845 812 639

Anyone can ask to join at any time. Referrals are also accepted through professionals.

Sessions are available in the following venues:

Tuesdays 11am-1pm MENtalk @ St Nicholas’ Park Leisure Centre in Warwick (CV34 4QY).

Wednesdays 11am-12.30pmWOMENtalk (women’s mental health project) @ St Nicholas’ Park Leisure Centre in Warwick (CV34 4QY).

Wednesdays 6-8pm – FIT FANS (weight management project) @ Coventry Building Society Arena (CV6 6AQ).

Thursdays 11am-1pm – MENtalk @ Moat House Leisure Centre in Coventry (CV2 1EA).

Fridays 12-1.30pm – WOMENtalk @ Jubilee Sports Centre in Nuneaton (CV10 7EZ).

Fridays 2-4pm – MENtalk @ Jubilee Sports Centre in Nuneaton (CV10 7EZ) - starting Friday 12th November.

What people have said so far about MENtalk:

“You’ve helped in so many ways. I’m not sure you realise how awesome this project is from a person to have lived with this illness for so long. Talking with you has helped to calm me down and get me in a better place. This group is awesome for me. My wife wants to thank you as well as she’s seen a change.”

I’m not exaggerating when I say this course has been a lifesaver as I was really struggling and running out of options about how I was going to keep going before being introduced to this course.

“I found the sessions have improved my mental health. It helped me to talk about my feelings and thoughts about my mental health. It was useful listening to others about their experiences also. I feel I can talk more now about how I feel.”

“Safe environment and it’s also helpful to see others in the same situation regarding feelings and thoughts to understand I'm not alone and this makes our team a team.”

I have gone from Zero to Hero. I can control my anxiety attacks to an extent now using the methods we were shown in the sessions, and I have stopped taking medication because of the training I’ve received.
In this film, Dave talks about how MENtalk has supported him.

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