"Patients and the public must continue to seek medical help for serious conditions during this COVID-19 pandemic"

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has produced a statement emphasising the importance of patients and the public in continuing to seek medical help for other serious conditions during this COVID-19 pandemic.
GP sitting opposite a patient about to take their tempreature

Whether it's symptoms causing concern or a pre-existing condition, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges state that the risk of developing other serious conditions remains the same. They go on to say that, while people are anxious about leaving their homes or placing more burden on the NHS, not seeking help could place your health at risk, and could place an additional burden on the NHS. It is in line with the government guidance to leave your home for a medical reason.

Here is a summarised version of their message to the public:

  • Seek NHS help (your GP, NHS111, 999 or A&E) if you become seriously unwell.
  • Continue with ongoing treatments for existing conditions (including attending appointments that are requested)
  • If you are in need of emergency care, hospitals are safer than your own home.



Read the full statement here:

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