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We want to hear about the impact of social media on young people’s health and wellbeing!
Online survey for all 10-18 year olds living in Warwickshire

Open 5th – 29th March

Warwickshire County Council, Public Health have launched a short online survey which explores the impact of social media on young people’s health and wellbeing. We would appreciate your help in encouraging people aged 10-18 in Warwickshire to complete it.

Please share this link with family members or friends who are aged 10-18 and living in Warwickshire and encourage them to complete the survey:

About this research

We know the majority of young people aged 10-18 years old are using social media. Recently there has been research which explores this nationally and highlights both the positive and negative effects on health and wellbeing. This survey provides young people with the chance to have their say on the impact that social media is having on their health and wellbeing. Understanding their experiences will enable us make comparison with the national findings and will inform the next Director of Public Health annual report.  We would also hope to make recommendations to provide information, guidance and support to young people, professionals, parents/carers.

This is a great opportunity for Warwickshire young people  to have their say on this important topic and we would really value your support.

Information about the survey

Please click here to download an information sheet which can be shared with parents/carers.

Please click here to download information sheet for young people.

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